Larry Wilkinson Photography: Blog en-us (C) Larry Wilkinson Photography (Larry Wilkinson Photography) Wed, 29 Dec 2021 22:27:00 GMT Wed, 29 Dec 2021 22:27:00 GMT Larry Wilkinson Photography: Blog 120 80 Hummingbirds of Panama Taking photography of Hummingbirds is a combination of good photography, location and sometimes good fortune. This Rufous-tailed Hummingbird loves the Torch Ginger flowers in our garden. So if one is patient and waits in the morning and late afternoon eventually you will have an opportunity for a good image. They are a beautiful bird in a beautiful setting so the wait is well worth it.

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Flowers of Panama  Now that we have entered the "Rainy Season" in Panama new flowers seem to arrive almost daily. This Orchid, the Sobralia, only blooms for one day or    less.  I took a few photos of it one day and went back the next day and it already closed.  For more images of many flowers, tropical and others,  please go   to                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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The Beauty of Panama The‚Äč Resplendent Quetzal is the most sought after bird for photography in Panama. They hide in the shadows of the Rainforest and seldom fly in the open.     I captured this image near Boquete, Panama after four years of hiking.  This morning, another hike in search of the elusive Quetzal resulted in seeing two of them in the shadows, not suitable for photography.  I am grateful for this one prior sunlight opportunity.   

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Fall Color Tahquamenon FallsTahquamenon FallsTahquamenon River, Michigan. While we know that the fall season gives way to winter the fall in much of the north brings a special beauty with it.  Fall color for much of the northern part of North America can be incredibly beautiful depending on the year, rain and temperature.  This image of Tahquamenon Falls in Northern Michigan was taken in early October. This was after a failed attempt two years earlier.

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Northern Michigan Beauty While we travelled through Central America this past winter we were amazed by the beauty of the coast of Belize, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala the the mountains of Panama. However, when back in Michigan the lakes, rivers and falls of northern Michigan near Lake Superior are equal to any landscape scene anywhere. This picture is of part of the Bond Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

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Michigan, The Great Lakes State Traveling through Latin American during the recent horrific winter experienced in North America had its benefits.  However, traveling through the small towns along the Lake Michigan shore provides much beauty and relaxation. Certainly many photography opportunities as well. The historic lighthouses from the late 1800's have a lot of architectural beauty, especially in a settings such as the Big Au Sable Lighthouse in the Ludington State Park. You have to hike to this lighthouse but it is more than worth the walk. Along the way you can view sand dunes, trails and at the right time of day a spectacular sunset.

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Panama After traveling through Belize, Guatemala and Panama for nearly six months we ended our trip in  Panama City.  This is an image of a Panamanian family in  the historical traditional dress "Pollera".  For more images of sites and people in Panama please go to "Travel Photography"> Panama and also to "People".  Panama is very diverse in its geography and its people. A very beautiful country.

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Lake Atitlan, Guatemala After living in Belize for over two months we traveled to Antigua and Lake Atitlan Guatemala. Lake Atitlan is a volcanic lake and is surrounded by three inactive volcanic mountains.  This lake offers one of the most beautiful scenes in the world.

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Sarteneja, Belize Sarteneja is a small fishing village in the northeast corner of Belize. Many fisherman still fish the way that they have for a century going out on sail boats for weeks at a time.  In addition to being a village with a rich cultural history Sarteneja is also the nearest village to the Shipstern Nature Preserve, one of the most diverse and largest preservation areas in Belize. Sarteneja and Shipstern are worth a visit if you have a few days. To see more Belize images please go to Travel>Belize.

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Traveling in Belize Jaguar, Belize.Jaguar, Belize.The Jaguar is seriously endangered. The Belize Zoo is very unique in that it provides an environment for rescued animals and the offspring of rescued animals that cannot be reintroduced into their natural habitat. Traveling in Belize can be an incredible experience. Belize is a small country of only about 350,000 population but has more wildlife and cultural diversity than most countries of Central and South America. You can dive or snorkel on the Barrier Reef, find Red-footed Booby Birds on Half Moon Caye , explore historical Mayan cities as well as seek the Jaguar, one of many endangered species. The combination of spectacular birds, animals and reef life make this a special place.

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Fall Colors Fall photography can be beautiful in certain northern and mountain states.  Timing and weather is everything in this regard however. Trying to get this image three years ago at exactly the same date in October was a disaster because of rain and warm temperatures. Never give up. Sometimes you have to keep going back to the same location.  This is the lower falls of the Tahquamenon River, Michigan.

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Summer Flowers While we can take "macro" or "close up" photography at any time of the year, inside or outside, it is especially inviting in a garden when we get natural light from the sun.  This Gerbera Daisy image was taken with a Tokina 100 mm Macro 2.8 lens also using a tripod.

Larry Wilkinson

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World Trade Center, New York City One World Trade Building It was exciting to go back to New York City this spring and see the new One World Trade Center near completion.  This a beautiful building and an exciting new chapter to the "Twin Tower" site.

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Florida Birding & Photo Fest The Florida Birding & Photo Fest held in St. Augustine, Florida is an opportunity for "Birders" and "Bird Photographers" alike.  An array of photography classes are offered with guests such as well known nature photographer George Lepp. There are also many field trips on water and land for bird viewing and photography. This time of year is special as it is the nesting season for Egrets, Herons, Spoonbills, and many other birds. I was able to capture this Roseate Spoonbill image with my Nikon D-300 and 80-400VR lens.

Larry Wilkinson

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In Search of the Quetzal For several years we  have hiked the trails around Boquete, Panama  which is in the highlands of western Chiriqui.    This area which is generally above 5,000 feet of elevation, is  one of the few areas to see and photograph the Quetzal.  Nevertheless this bird hides in the shadows and  does not fly in open areas.  We have found the bird on prior occasions but never were able to get a "quality" image until this year.  This was taken with a Nikon D-300 and a  80-400VR lens.  Patience does pay off but you can't always go back to a specific area in a country like Panama in Central America.  This year we were fortunate.


Larry Wilkinson



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Black and White Photography Black & White photography can create a dramatic mood.  Until recent years digital photography could not match the contrast offered by film for black & white images.  Contrast is extremely important in these images because it really creates the mood. Now upgraded Photoshop and plugins such as NIK offer black and white photo filters that come close or equal the quality from a image created with film.  In this scene, which is from a digital image, the contrast of snow and sky offers an opportunity to create a different mood as compared with a "color" image.  I like scenes with snow or sometimes old buildings seem to lend themselves to Black & White conversion.


Larry Wilkinson

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Belize Travel Placencia After five trips to Belize one might be amazed that we can find anything new and interesting to photograph. However, if you are a photographer, you know that every sunset is different and every location has a different prospective if you look for it  However, in Belize, from the Caye's to the inland rainforests, this small country has endless opportunities for photography including birds, land animals and underwater scenes. Belize has incredible diversity in its people, landscape and wildlife. 


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Macro Photography Grasshopper

Macro photography can be "close up photography" with a zoom lens or "Ultra Macro" photography with many macro lens options.  Macro photography is interesting to me because it lets us into this small world that we only see on rare instances.  I like the Macro vs. Ultra Macro because Macro, in this instance for example, combines two aspects of the image as you see here with the flower and the grasshopper.  This image was taken with a Nikon D-300 and a Tokina 105mm Macro lens. 


Larry Wilkinson

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Mackinac Bridge The Mackinac Bridge is one of the most spectacular photographic sites in North America.  I have tried many times to get an image of a sunset below the bridge and have been too early or too late in the season or the horizon is foggy or cloudy as it was on this day in late October. I will try again next year. This image was taken from Mackinac Island with a graduated density filter and a 18-70mm lens on a tripod.


Larry Wilkinson


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Fall Photography 20220716-IMG_2199 Fall photography can be among the most beautiful of all. In certain areas of the northern US and mountain regions with a lot of deciduous trees leaves change colors when the night temperatures get cool in the fall.  The timing is everything and there is usually a window of only a few weeks for maximum color contrast.  Get a tripod and go to your local state, city or national park if you are near an area with this climate.  Try different slow shutter speeds if you are also near rivers and streams.  Color "intensifier" filters can be purchased which help get a little extra "pop" with the color.  The image included here was taken in Elkmont in the Smoky Mountains. No additional filter was used in this case.


Larry Wilkinson

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Lake & River Photography As summer is fading, at least in northern states of the USA, it gives me a fleeting feeling that we will soon be in a less attractive season for photography opportunities. However, this is still a terrific time of year to get your camera out and go to your nearest lake, stream or river and get a few great images to view over the winter. The sun is setting earlier and rising later and has a softer glow.  Also you do not need full fall colors to get some terrific images with trees and water.  Try to include shoreline, clouds and when appropriate step back and get some late summer leaves.  Many of us leave our camera indoors after Labor Day week-end. Keep it out.


Larry Wilkinson

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Urban Scenes Urban scenes can take many forms. Sometimes they are a view of massive buildings such as in our Manhattan images and sometimes they are local street scenes as we have seen in Millennium Park Chicago or Central Park New York City.  In this case I was really looking for a landscape scene on the St. Clair River near the Blue Water Bridge which connects Michigan and Ontario.  Walking around I noticed the skateboard activity near the river and move closer and immediately took several images. After taking the first images I approached the young man skateboarding to see if he would do another run while I was better prepared. As in many instances the candid shot was much better than the planned and posed shot. As Jay Maisel would say,  always keep your lens cap off, when walking around you never know what you might see that could result in a terrific photographic image.


Larry Wilkinson

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New York City Photography Washington Square

Possibly if you live in New York City you may take the photography opportunities for granted. If you are a visitor, however, it is impossible to not be awed by the endless sights.  Having been a visitor a number of times I have taken the usual shots from the GE Building in Rockefeller Center, (much better than from the Empire State Building by the way)  Times Square from the bleachers and of course from one of many river cruises.  However after you have been to the iconic locations and simply walk around Central Park, Washington Square or many other locations you begin the realize that the street scenes are incredible.  As Jay Maisel (famous NYC photographer) would say, "keep your lens cap off".  Where else would you see a grand piano being played in the middle of a park on a Saturday morning?


Larry Wilkinson

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Sunset|Sunrise Photography Everyone enjoys sunset or sunrise photography. Who, with a camera, has not tried to get that "special image" with the sun going down over a lake or mountain peak.  What happened, we ask, when we look at our image later and find that either the bright sky was burned out or the foreground was so dark that it could not be seen.  It was several years of these attempts before I was standing next to a photographer in a "First Light in the Smokies" photo class and asked what filter he was using. Of course the answer was a "Graduated Density" filter.  This filter, similar to, a polarizing filter, has the effect of reducing the glare of the bright sky or the sun while allowing the darker part of the image to be shot with clear glass.  The results are incredible.  Of course, you can now simulate this affect in Photoshop but it is never as good as doing it right in the field (as in most photographic experiences).  Also, while you are out there shooting with your Grad. Density Filter bracket your shots so that you later can either blend these images in photoshop or an HDR plug-in or simply pick the ones you like best. 


Larry WilkinsonLEV-1914-0914

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Panama Panama is a small country but with incredible geographic diversity.  From Panama City a few miles north along the canal you will find one of the most spectacular preservation areas called Gamboa.  Bird photography is special here but Howler Monkeys can be found as well.  Beyond this area the choices for photography virtually explode.  We have visited Boquete three times (west from Panama City toward Costa Rica) where you get away from the the lowlands along each coast. Here you can see hundreds of species of birds as well as more Howler Monkeys if you look for them. In addition there are many trails which offer mountain views near Volcan Baru.  From here there are difficult choices to make, to the "Boca's" on the Atlantic coast or to the one of many beautiful locations on the Pacific coast.  It is difficult to bring along enough lens to cover all the photography options.  Even in Panama City itself there are spectacular scenes that can fill many of your digital chips.  Have fun if you go. The Panamanians are very friendly and many speak some English.


Larry Wilkinson


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OSA Peninsula, Costa Rica The OSA Peninsula in Costa Rica is a special place for anyone interested in a unique nature environment and especially photographers.  If you have special interests in animals, birds, flowers, reptiles and insects this is the place for you.  Bring your long lens for Toucans, Macaws and monkeys and your macro lens for flowers, insects and reptiles.  Also don't forget your "in-between" landscape lens for incredible shoreline views.  For our photography in the OSA portfolio we used an 80-400,  18-70,  24-120 and a 100mm macro lens. The Howler Monkeys like to hide in the shadows so don't forget to increase your ISO to 800 to 1000 or more.  There are many outstanding lodges in the OSA area. The one we choose was Bosque del Cabo, a very special place.


Larry WilkinsonERIC9210

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Opening Day Opening Day is soon upon us in cities that have major league baseball.  Going to see a major league baseball game is great fun and even more so when you take your camera.  While baseball games area great for people watching as well as watching the game there are often opportunities for terrific stadium images.  Check the camera rules for your local professional baseball stadium. Most allow SLR cameras with a 50mm lens at least. In many cases your best shot is not one of the players but a wide angle of the stadium full of people. A night shot is even better but harder to manage with a slower shutter speed. Also if you take two or three quick images of the stadium from left to right you can often successfully merge these in photoshop.  The image here of Comerica Park in Detroit was taken with a Nikon D-300 and a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle lens.

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Spring Photography  Spring is an exciting time of the year for photographers.  Photography of budding flowers, young animals and birds is available almost anywhere. In nature preserves, parks and your own backyard.  Take slow walks with your camera on trails in nearby parks.  Early in the day is especially good if you are looking for birds but anytime can bring some luck in sighting a mother and baby which can be one of the greatest photographic experiences.  Bring a lens of 200mm+ for animals, and a macro for flowers. Remember to increase your ISO for the shadow areas in trees and forested areas.  Nikon D-300, 1/80, 250mm, ISO 400.

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Winter Photography While we are celebrating the end of winter, particularly in northern areas, it is important to remember a few points on winter photography. We may remember these for next year or we may get that last big snow and head out with our cameras.   While we know that winter can be beautiful we may have a tendency to stay in the house or take or camera out on the deck for a few quick pics.  While this winter was a litter warmer in most areas of the US and Canada, photography in times of generous snow, ice and sunshine can be spectacular.  Taking sunset images over a lake that is substantially frozen can yield wonderful color and reflection.  When you go back to that "special" place where you took your summer sunset image you may find that your winter shot provides a good equal. In many cases, particular on the coastal waters and Great Lake areas the winter shorelines can be beautiful. There are many subjects such as lighthouses and ice locked ships that will contribute to your subject matter. They are worth getting out. Don't forget your polarizer and graduated density filter (that you would use for any sunset).  Additionally our cameras on auto exposure it is important to adjust with a plus .3 or .7 for extra exposure so as to avoid the "grey snow"  look.

This image was taken with a Nikon D-200, 1/180, ISO 200, lens at 27mm.

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Zoo Photography
Zoo photography offers many opportunities for photographers as well as many challenges.  In most zoos, for example, a photographer can find many birds that would be virtually impossible to find without a great deal of world travel. However, while noting that your image is a "zoo location" it is still desirable to avoid fencing, buildings and in many cases people, who detract from the quality of the image. This can be done by continually watching what you see above and behind the subject.  It is far easier to reposition yourself in the zoo location then it is to try to eliminate these distractions in Photoshop after the fact. Also by getting as close and "tight" to your subject as possible you create the appropriate depth of field to blur the background.  There are many great zoo opportunities regardless of the season and equally as many photo ops.  Take your time and wait for  the right moment.  This image was taken with a Nikon D-300, 1/60, ISO 640, lens 200mm.

Larry Wilkinson



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