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Panama offers an incredible amount of avifauna (birdbiodiversity) with 1,002 bird species identified in the country, which is more than the United States and Canada combined. Panama as a "Land Bridge" between North and South America has facilitated the migration of many bird species between the continents over thousands of years.
Our photography here includes a small sample of the variety of birds in Panama.
Resplendent QuetzalResplendent QuetzalBlack-chested JayBlack-chested JayBlue-Grey TanagerYellow-headed CaracaraYellow-headed CaracarasChiriqui HawkWhite Throated Mountain-Gem HummingbirdScarlet-rumped TanagerCrimson-Backed TanagerGreat KiskadeeSocial FlycatcherYellow-crowned TyrannuletGray-Headed ChachalacaGreen-backed HeronNorthan JacanaNorthern JacanaScaly-breasted HummingbirdsRed-legged Honeycreeper

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Guestbook for Birds of Panama
Michael Rosenkranz(non-registered)
Stunning bird photos! I guess you have replaced your human subjects with birds during the pandemic. I can only imagine the time and patience required to get some of these shots. We saw quite a few of these species while we were in Costa Rica but there are many more here that we haven’t identified.
Hope you guys are staying well and have been able to get vaccinated.
Karen Smith(non-registered)
Larry, these photos are beautiful! I love the birds! Amazing that you were able to get such a good picture of the elusive quetzal. Thank you for sharing!
NICK PIERONI(non-registered)
greatly appreciate your sharing these splendid photographs

really spectacular variety // colors // species.

excellent photography..especially a specialized one like this!!

Brad Warkins(non-registered)
Amazing photos Larry!
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