Karen Smith(non-registered)
Hi Larry,
I have posted on this webpage a few times now but I must be doing something wrong. Anyway, love your photos...the birds are amazing...Prague was nice especially since my daughter, sister and I are planning a trip there in the fall.
Judy Thurston(non-registered)
It was great meeting you at Aunt Evelyn's this week. So glad you gave me a card. Breathtakingly beautiful photography! I bookmarked you. See you during your September visit.
Theresa Desselles(non-registered)
Wow!! These photos are absolutely awe inspiring.I am enjoying my tour of the the world through Larry and Cathy! Thank you for capturing such exquisite beauty, I wish you both the best and I am looking forward to the next shot! Cheers! - Terri
Tania Cabal(non-registered)
I'm amazed of the great images you show in each category. You have a complete sense of composition. Your pictures are clean and colorfull. I enjoyed very much. Congratulations!
nick pieroni(non-registered)
re your macrophotography showing 71 pic: my favorite[s]; all 71 of them!
beautiful, gorgeous, superlative
thanx for sharing---spectacular colors.
Hi Larry,

You continue to capture the essence of your subject matter whether it's scenery,birds,animals,people etc. I love the colour of the costumes and the exuberance of the participants! The man at the keyboard reminds me of Sammy Davis Jr. It's impressive that the Panamanian Festivals include all ages and abilities .

Keep on keepin ' on. Your photos are a pleasure to see and they keep us in touch with all the activities that you're enjoying in Panama .

Rudy Krueger(non-registered)
Is that you going over the FALLS in a kayak ? Many beautiful pics can't choose the best!
Absolutely beautiful photos. Can't wait for more
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