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"Birds of the World" is a collection of bird photography from North and South American including many images from Belize and Panama and a few from a very enjoyable trip to Zambia. We hope that you enjoy the tour.
Red-footed BoobyRed-footed BoobyGreat EgretGreat EgretYellow-crowned Night HeronLittle Blue HeronResplendent QuetzalResplendent QuetzalBlue Crowned MotmotBlue Crowned MotmotBay-headed TanagerBlack-chested JayChestnut-Mandibled  ToucanKeel-Billed ToucanKeel-Billed ToucanKeel-Billed ToucanCollared AracariMagellanic PenguinsMagellanic PenguinsRoseate Spoonbill

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