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This is a collection of photography of many beautiful Butterflies and Hummingbirds of Panama...Because of Panama being a "Landbridge" between North and South America there are many species of both Hummingbirds & Butterflies. This collection is just a few .
Garden EmeraldRufous-tailed HummingbirdScintillant HummingbirdScintillant HummingibirdScintillant HummingbirdScintillant HummingbirdWhite Throated Mountain-GemRufous-tailed HummingbirdFirebush, TorioLong-billed StarththroatRufous-tailed HummingbirdViolet SabrewingViolet SabrewingFlame of the Woods, Flor de FuegoBanded Orange Heliconian ButterflyJulia Heliconian,  ButterflySwallowtail ButterflySkipper ButterflyOwl Spotted ButterflyGlass Winged Butterfly

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