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Wildlife and Animal photography from Belize, Panama, Costa Rica, Zambia, Botswana and North America.
Three-Toed SlothThree-Toed SlothBaby SlothThree-Toed SlothHowler MonkeyHowler MonkeyHowler MonkeyHowler MonkeyNorthern TamanduaNorthern TamanduaJaguar, Belize.JaguarJaugarTapirCoatimundiHippopotamusHippo, Zambezi RiverHippopotamus FamilyChimpanzee, ZambiaVervet Monkey

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Keywords:Animals, africa, botswana, elephants, red fox, hummingbirds, osprey, quetzal, booby birds, sloth photography, howler monkey photography, wildlife of panama

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Pat Doig(non-registered)
We talk about diversity but these photos show it clearly. I love the close-ups and can't help but wonder what these animals are thinking of us as they look into the camera. Mother Nature is alive and well with these species and their babies on their backs . I bet that the sloth was grateful to you for saving her baby as you waited patiently for her to descend the tree ? It would take a lot of trust and love , on her part , to feel safe with you .

You must feel a great sense of satisfaction as you preview your catalogue of photos that reflect a high standard of photography in every way ? Congrats on another successful series !
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